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The Town of Little Elm is all wet, in the sense that over 66 miles of our corporate town limits are shoreline on Lewisville Lake. Our community is fortunate to have such a scenic setting.

Almost everywhere you travel in town, neighborhoods view the lake, a growing fact for which we are becoming more famous for within the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

If you have a lake attitude, Little Elm is for you!

Little Elm is no longer a hidden treasure, but we have taken steps to retain our small-town charm and lakeside character.

Our growth has been managed to the point where we can proudly state that though our neighborhoods have grown and our population has dramatically increased, we still feel a nostalgic community of yesteryear where everyone pitches in and helps those in need.

If you are drawn to small-town charm and love helping your neighbor, Little Elm is the place for you!

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