Board of Directors - Code of Conduct

As a member of the Board of Directors, I will uphold the Office and Duties of the Two Sunset Pointe Homeowners Association, Inc. as follows:

· Exercise powers of the office and fulfill responsibilities in good faith and the best interest of the corporation;

· Exercise these responsibilities with due diligence, care and skill in a prudent manner;

· Respect and support the corporation’s Bylaws, Policies, Code of Conduct and decisions of the Board and membership;

· Keep confidential all information learned about Homeowners, Board Members, Personnel, Vendors or other matters specifically determined by a Board motion to keep matters confidential, including matters dealt with during meetings of the Board; and,

· Conduct self in the spirit of collegiality and respect for the collective decisions of the Board

· Immediately declare my personal (real or perceived) conflict of interest that may come to my attention,

· Support the “One Voice” for any topics, decisions, contract negotiation, legal matters, and decisions made by the Board. As a member of the Board of Directors, I commit to conducting myself in a manner that models the high standards of accountability incumbent upon the Two Sunset Pointe Homeowners Association, Inc.

· Supporting the objectives of the Two Sunset Pointe (Association);

· Serving the overall best interest of the Association rather than any particular constituency;

· Bringing credibility and goodwill of the Association;

· Respecting the principles of fellow Board Members, Homeowners, Agent, Staff, Legal, and the Association;

· Respecting my position and will not speak on behalf of the Board of Directors, in person, electronically, and/or over social media and direct questions from residents on the operations and policy of the Association to the Manager (Agent);

· Demonstrating respect and fair consideration for individuals in all areas related to culture, diversity, and life circumstances, and opposing views;

· Demonstrating due diligence and dedication in preparation and attendance at meetings, special events, and in all activities on behalf of the Corporation;

· Ensuring that the financial affairs of the Association are conducted in a reasonable and transparent manner with regard to a fiduciary responsibility;

· Conforming to all Bylaws, Governing Documents, Policies, and Rules of the Association;

· Publicly demonstrating acceptance, respect and support for the decisions the Board as a whole has taken.